What books, or other resources do you recommend?

How long is a piece of string….?

There is a lot of information out there worth reading (and a lot that is not)…. It is recommended you read with openness, curiosity and discernment. Below is a brief list from the top of my head, with more to come in time. If you come across useful resources in your own wellbeing journey please share it with us so we can spread to the word.

My Favourite Resources


  • Parenting From The Inside Out
  • People Skills
  • The Dance Of Anger
  • The 5 Love Languages
  • Getting to Yes & Getting to Yes with yourself
  • The Happiness Trap
  • The Road Less Travelled
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Mating In Captivity
  • The Resiliency Advantage
  • A Course In Miracles
  • Descartes Error


Beyond Blue
Relationships Australia
Centre for Clinical Interventions

YouTube Videos:

The Hand Model Of The Brain (Dan Seigel) – https://youtu.be/gm9CIJ74Oxw

Audio Recordings:

The Continuous You (Dr Russ Harris, ACT Made Simple) – Read by Present Moment


Smiling Mind


Developing Compassion For Yourself:

Self Compassion Exercise (Dr Russ Harris)

eBook – Overcoming Barriers To Developing Self Compassion

Living You Values When Life Isn’t Great (The Happiness Trap, Dr Russ Harris)

Guide To Self Compassion (The Happiness Trap, Dr Russ Harris) 

Defusion (or Unhooking Exercices) – The Mind


Defusion (or Unhooking Exercices) – Feelings, Sensations, Emotions

Problem Solving

Dealing With Dilemmas

What else can I be doing to improve my mental health?

“Talk therapy” is only one part of being well. You can do many different things to assist improve your wellbeing. Beyond Blue has provided an excellent guide about many of the different therapeutic options that may be available, research evidence regarding their effectiveness and potential risks.

In general, looking at all aspects of your wellbeing can be of assistance. Your physical health through diet, sleep, exercise and time in the sun. Your social support network, your close relationships and contact with those in your community. Control over your financial health, your career, your intellectual and/or spiritual growth…. A qualified and experienced therapist can assist you to explore the factors impacting your wellbeing.

It is important to recognise that over and above the type of therapeutic approach used, the therapists’ training, or experience, the therapeutic alliance (or the fit between counsellor and client) is the most significant predictor of success in therapy. It is normal to try a number of different psychologists/counsellors before finding one that is a good fit for you.