Contact Life Line on 13 11 14 to talk to someone immediately if you have any intention of harming yourself. Life Line can provide a safe place for you to talk over the phone.

You can also go to your nearest emergency hospital at any time or call 000 for an ambulance.

Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal ideation, or persistent thoughts related to death and dying, is common among those feeling depressed. It is perhaps unsurprising given the mixture of despair and hopelessness that is often present with an extremely low mood. It is a great way for your mind to bully you into thinking things are really bad or that to “be gone” is a good option. Statistics indicate that 1 in 4 people will have experienced thoughts of suicide at some point in their lifetime.

There are often different presentations of suicidal ideology and different triggers leading to an attempt.

  • Sometimes the emotional pain is so distressing and things look so hopeless that the idea of nothingness is highly appealing. Think emotional euthanasia – you just want the pain to end.
  • At times, people are moved to take their life out of spite. They are often emotionally distressed but projected out towards someone else. This looks a lot like anger or rage, however, there is also likely to be extreme sadness as well.
  • Others may or may not be experiencing psychological pain, however, to take one’s life seems like a solution to a problem. They may think they are the problem and that others are better off without them, or they believe that there are no other options.
  • Some people are able to have these thoughts and not “buy into them”. These people do not hook into these thoughts and are able to get on with things in spite of these thoughts. When you are able to take the power away from these types of thoughts you are likely to have a clearer perspective and greater choice in your life.

Suicide is final and once it occurs there is no opportunity to reflect whether or not it was a good or bad decision at the time. Indeed, when you are in a bad place, emotionally distressed or depression it is not the right time to be making important decisions. Particularly, a decision that is life and death.

What can I do?

There are always other options, it is just that sometimes it is difficult to see them clearly.

If you find yourself having thoughts of death or dying contact an appropriate health professional. You can visit your General Practitioner, attend with a counsellor or psychologist.

Present Moment Psychologists are available to help support you “unhook” from distressing thoughts and look for suitable alternatives.


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